BRETT miles greenstein

Growing up in Agoura Hills, Brett spent his younger years navigating parks, trails and wildlife around his home. Hours spent climbing trees and building forts amongst the branches gave Brett the open space as a young boy to explore his natural gifts of creation through design and engineering. 

Brett first gained a concept of working with tools, building, and fixing things around the house with his father. At age 12, one of his first big projects was building a skateboard ramp. Continuing on into his teens, Brett began an apprenticeship at 16 working with a contractor renovating houses where he learned an abundance of new skills and trades which now carry on through his work building custom furniture for his clients. 

Studying regional development through sustainable technologies in college, Brett quickly began to identify with his preferred method of carpentry by working with reclaimed woods and incorporating recycled materials into his design process. Innately, he always had a desire to build with materials that he was given by nature.

Whilst studying at college, Brett was commissioned by several fraternities and students on the college campus to build custom furniture. This work allowed him to gain a long list of clients who love Brett’s ability to bring their dream projects to life, and through rave reviews and references Brett left his out of college job to pursue carpentry full time. Now residing in Venice, Brett has worked with clients such as Ralph Lauren, Pura Vida Bracelets and Pressed Juice. 

As all work is custom built, each piece is unique and will vary from previous projects. Materials are fully customizable from the wood, stain, finishings and dimension. 

All custom Bretts Wood designs feature a unique Amethyst crystal, embedded into the piece. The Amethyst crystal is known for bringing prosperity, positive energy and peace into your home.

If you would like to make an enquiry in working with Brett, please email